Ocho años después / Eight years later

Ocho años después / Eight years later is a photography project based on photographs taken in 2000 and 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico. The photographs were edited during 2019 and the photobook was self-published in April 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden.

I walked through these atmospheres, which are dense with emotions, children’s smiles, shaking ground, sinking houses, street dogs and curios gazes of people, that I have never met before.

They say it’s dangerous, but I don’t really feel being in a danger. The air is saturated with emotions. I can feel them, but I’m unable to make any rational conclusion. I smile, I cry. I’m like a mushroom, which absorbs all these emotions, unable to filtrate them. Sometimes I don’t know how to fit in this frame, other times I’m just part of it.

I’m driven by curiosity, by a strong wish to understand. But can we really understand emotions? Is it possible to trap them into a photograph? Into a photobook?

Photobook description

Photography, text, design and binding: Martina Korošec
Edition of 33 numbered and signed copies
Coptic binding, handsewn
Size: 21.4 x 15.2 cm
84 pages
Paper: Mohawk Eggshell 148g

Price: 75 EUR (shipping included)

Self-published in April 2020
Printed by Digaloo in Stockholm, Sweden
ISBN 978-91-639-9380-0